Custom work for your website

Request a new banner design, a new feature, third party setup and more.
Anything related to design, development or online marketing tools.

Custom requests and Pay As You Go

Purchase credits and use them when you need extra assistance, a new feature, a new design; anything outside of your plan
Free credits are added to accounts with maintenance plan.

Pay as you go

10 Credit – 3000
20 Credit – cost 5000
40 Credits – cost 9000


10 Credit s- 3000
20 Credits – cost 5000 + 2 Credits
40 Credits – cost 9000 + 4 Credits


10 Credit s- 3000 +2 Credits
20 Credits – cost 5000 + 4 Credits
40 Credits – cost 9000 + 8 Credits


10 Credit s- 3000 +4 Credits
20 Credits – cost 5000 + 8 Credits
40 Credits – cost 9000 + 16 Credits

1 Credits is about equal to 1/2 hour time spent depending on the skills required. We charged based on skill level and time required. Custom development, for example, requires more skills than uploading content. A middleweight developer spends more time on a task than a senior would. In this case, a Credit is worth more time spent by a middleweight VS senior team member. Depending on the urgency of your project, your cost can also vary following the same principle.

Overall, expect to pay a fair price compared to the quality of our work. Agencies often charge over HKD 800 per hour for basic support. We charge between HKD 500 – HKD 1000 per hour depending on the task and before any volume discount is applied. Also, our tools and overall setup reduce dramatically the time spent on project management and delivery, therefore, a lot of time is saved reducing your cost even further.

If you created your website directly on our platform (as opposed to migrating an existing site on the platform), we will also be very efficient therefore our time quoted is likely going to be a lot less than you are used to with other web agencies.

Credits are meant to be used for small to medium tasks. Tasks that can be completed under 5 working days. Larger projects and tasks are quoted and invoiced separately.

Don’t know what to do? Request a 30 minutes consultation

We will advise you on what’s best for you so you can get started in no time. The cost will be converted back to free credits if you subscribe to us within 30 days.

Website creation consultation call