WordPress page load time optimisation service

Website speed is one of the signals used by Google to rank your website. A slow website converts less, limits the amount of content your visitors see and can impact your visitors trust in your company.

Improve your page load time by requesting a website performance optimisation in a few clicks.

We will analyse your WordPress website, provide a report and implement fixes on a development server before going live. We only need access to your CMS.

How will we improve your page load time score?

Server and third parties settings

We check and recommend server settings

  • Server caching
  • Server compression
  • CDN
  • Persistent connections (keep-alive)
  • URL redirects

Please note that If we manage your site hosting, this is already done

Front-end analysis

Most, if not all you need is included with the right hosting plan. No need for sub-par, potentially expensive and unsafe plugins any more.

  • Media asset optimisation (correct use of file type and compression) 
  • CSS / Javascript files loaded the correct way at the right time
  • CSS / JS compression
  • CSS / JS merging
  • Third party review
  • WordPress Gutenberg blocks code
  • UI file type / asset merging / compression
  • Javascript errors
  • Missing ressources (dead links to external resources)
  • And a lot more…

Your website is now optimised

Your website will load faster once we are done. Depending on the original state of your website, the gains can be huge but we cannot guarantee any particular score as every site is unique and some plugins that you may use could limit the amount of possible improvements.

We recommend a budget of HKD 20,000 to handle the ‘quick wins’, the items with the most impact on your website page load time that can be fixed fairly quickly.

Here is our process

1. Create your account

Create your account and connect your website by providing the website’s URL and temporary credentials.

Please create a new Admin user to share with us rather than sharing your own account.

2. Project approval

If your website qualify for this service, you will receive your invoice and timeline.

If your website requires major updates or if it requires other issues to be fixed first, we will let you know and suggest a solution.

Pay online and the job starts.

3. Report & Website migration

We analyse your website and select the most important improvements that can be implemented within your budget .

We will migrate your website to a development server so that fixes can be tested and signed-off.

4. Launch

After testing, we migrate all fixes on your live website. Any item requiring more time will be listed so that your team could learn from it and implement changes or get a quotation for optional additional work.

For example, if several images need to be compressed and re-uploaded, you could decide to let your team handle it, let us do it or subscribe to a maintenance plan with regular website optimisation work and monitoring.

Don’t know what to do? Request a 30-minute consultation

We will advise you on what’s best for you so you can get started in no time. The cost will be converted back to free credits if you subscribe to us within 30 days.

Website creation consultation call