WordPress 6.1 causes major issues with some plugins

Plugins including WP ASTRA PRO, WPML and perhaps others are affected

It has come to our attention that updating to WordPress 6.1 may not be a good idea at the moment as several websites showed critical errors following the update.

For example, websites using WPML with the latest version of WordPress (6.1) started to show the dreaded critical error message on certain pages due to php error. It’s been a few days since WordPress started pushing their latest update but WPML hasn’t updated their plugins yet. They do provide a beta version which seems to be fixing the issue and is planning on releasing the update in the coming days. More information can be seen on WPML’s forum.

WP ASTRA PRO is also impacted although the incompatibility issue here isn’t as serious. We noticed that the “Footer builder” does not function. WP ASTRA is also releasing an update soon.

Waiting a few days / weeks before updating WordPress

These issues don’t necessarily happen very often but the risk increases with the amount of plugins and custom code used on your WordPress website. It may be a good idea to deactivate automated updates and wait some time before updating so that third party developers have the time to discover and fix potential issues.

You can deactivate WordPress core update by adding this line in your wp-config.php file:

define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false );

You could also deactivate all updates using the following:


Have you noticed any other plugin impacted? If so, please do share your experience here!

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