Custom full website design & design tasks

Our design process

All of our designs are handled by talented web designers under the supervision and art direction of Art Director. Our strength is that everything is taken into account during our design process as designing a website involves a lot more than producing pretty pages. The design itself affects performances, SEO, branding and user experience. We specialise in mixing all of these perfectly.

Design process with multiple phases

Depending on budget and requirement, there will be up to 3 design phases. Once we fully understand your brief, brand and goals for your website, the design phase starts.

  • Phase 1: We create the homepage and discuss the designs with you. At this point you are free to make as many amends as needed.
  • Phase 2 & 3: Minor amendments can be requested during these phases. These phases apply to all pages.
Website design process

Witness the creation of your design

For large projects such as full website design, you get access to all page designs in real-time.

  • Once a first draft is complete, we will review it internally and once we are satisfied with the result, we sign it off and upload it so that you can review it.
  • As you receive the designs, you are able to comment, request changes and sign them off.
  • All of this is done using project management software with an easy and intuitive visual interface that is accessible from any device.
  • Thanks to this process, you get an early and very precise preview of what your website will look like.

On-brand, beautiful and powerful

We will always only draft designs that we know will load fast, fit with SEO requirements and are accessible (User experience & performances).

  • UX – speed, design & layout best practices
  • Responsive and touch friendly of course
  • On brand
  • Focused on your goals & objectives