Online payment

We accept payments by card online via the dashboard when subscribing to a service, paying an invoice or purchasing credits.

Upgrades of monthly subscriptions are calculated based on both the time used on the existing plan and the time remaining on the new plan, down to the minute. For example, if you upgrade your hosting plan mid-way through your subscription period, 50% credit will be added to your balance and this balance will be automatically spent on your next invoice (invoice price will be reduced by the amount of credit balance available). Upgrading to a higher plan mid-way through your subscription would result in a credit for the unused time on the current subscription and only the remaining period for the new plan is charged at the new rate. A cost estimation for hosting plan upgrade is provided before checkout.

Monthly subscriptions are charged at the beginning of each period. These subscriptions can be cancelled from the dashboard. When a cancellation is requested, the subscription will be cancelled at the end of the current period.

Subscription to advanced WordPress maintenance and support are paid at the beginning of each period and can be cancelled from your dashboard. Please note that each maintenance plan offer various amount of pro plugins therefore any plugin available on your existing plan but not on a new, downgraded plan, will be removed.

Payments related to large projects, which require a quotation to be submitted in your dashboard, may be split. When receiving a quotation, up to 3 invoices will be provided to be paid at specific milestones. E.g. 40% payment for project approval, 40% once design phase is completed, 20% on launch day.

Support credits can be purchased and spent at any time.

Payment processing details

To better protect our customers when making online payments by card you may be presented with 3D secure security measures when adding your card details for payments. This is dependent on your bank issuer and may require you to enter a password or get a security code via email or phone.

Stripe processes online payments. All processing of cardholder data is entirely outsourced to Stripe. We do not store, process, or transmit any cardholder data on other systems or premises.

We do not store any information related to your card details on our server. Only part of your card details is retrieved from Stripe’s server and shown on screen to you during checkout or when accessing your billing page.

Visit the Stripe website for more information on Stripe payment gateway.

Our website is served over secured connection (HTTPS).

List of supported cards

American Express
China UnionPay (CUP)
Discover & Diners
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)