Google Listings & Ads with Woocommerce (free plugin)

Woocommerce launched a new, free, plugin to synchronize your product with Google Shopping

With no need for custom product data import/export, your website running on WordPress & Woocommerce can now easily be synchronized with Google’s shopping feed. The setup is easy and the management of your product data is integrated directly into your CMS.

This plugin allows for the free product listing as well as Paid listing so it is flexible. For paid Google ads, you are also able to manage your campaigns and access analytical data directly in your CMS (WordPress>Woocommerce dashboard) making the creation and management of ads easier and faster than ever which sounds great! Note that you can create ads very easily since the plugin offers Smart Shopping campaigns to create ads with automated bidding and ad placements aiming to give the best result thanks to automation and machine learning.

This plugin is developed by the team behind WordPress / Woocommerce itself (Automattic) in partnership with Google according to the plugin’s page so it should be safe to try. Please note that this is a new plugin though so there might be bugs still to be discovered. As always, you should back up your website and if possible, test new plugins on a staging/development environment first.


How do I connect my website to Google product listing?

Make sure to check the list of supported language and currency requirements that your product data and landing pages must meet.

You will need a Google Merchant Center account and connect it to your website using the plugin. Install the plugins, set your shop & product listing preferences.

You can create your Google Merchant center account here and download the Google listings plugin from Woocommerce’s plugin page.

Have you tried it yet?

I will surely test this plugin out very soon and add my feedback to this article. Have you tried it on your store? Please feel free to share your experience in the comment section below!

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