WordPress 6.1 causes major issues with some plugins

Plugins including WP ASTRA PRO, WPML and perhaps others are affected It has come to our attention that updating to WordPress 6.1 may not be a good idea at the moment as several websites showed critical errors following the update. For example, websites using WPML with the latest version of WordPress (6.1) started to show […]

All WooCommerce emails list with preview and download

All default transactional emails sent by your WooCommerce website You will find in this post an overview of all email templates for your convenience. Here is the list of all default emails sent by your E-commerce website using WooCommerce. Please note that you may also like to setup your Abandoned bag/cart emails which are sent […]

Google Listings & Ads with Woocommerce (free plugin)

Woocommerce launched a new, free, plugin to synchronize your product with Google Shopping With no need for custom product data import/export, your website running on WordPress & Woocommerce can now easily be synchronized with Google’s shopping feed. The setup is easy and the management of your product data is integrated directly into your CMS. This […]

How to use ALT (Alternative) text in WordPress

Here is what to do with ALT and TITLE text when uploading content in WordPress ALT TEXT is a text describing an image. This is done by adding an HTML attribute to an image tag. e.g. <img src=”robert.jpg” alt=”Robert’s portrait” /> Depending on the device used to browse your web page or based on the […]

How to use the Gutenberg editor in WordPress

My top advice, use the shortcuts Learn the shortcuts. As with any software, it’s always beneficial in the long run. It takes only a few tries to remember them and once they are known, editing and creating content becomes a lot more enjoyable and efficient. Totally worth it. What I personally do with any software […]

Amazon Lightsail VS Digital Ocean

When it comes to choosing your hosting provider for small to medium sized websites at an affordable cost, Digital Ocean and Amazon Lightsail or EC2 often comes to mind first. Here are a few articles comparing these: Hardware & network performance comparison Overview of the features and pricing Feel free to add more […]

Website launch checklist

Here is a list of things to check before launching a website If you are planning on creating your website, use this list to make sure that the most important tasks are completed. If you are starting from a template and decide to create your website on your own, feel free to keep track of […]

How to create a custom breadcrumb

If you need to create your own breadcrumb for your website, you can either use a plugin for your platform or create it yourself. There are plenty of articles out there to help you with this. You could also check Breadcrumb NavXT or Yoast SEO plugins. You may not want to do this yourself but, […]