All WooCommerce emails list with preview and download

All default transactional emails sent by your WooCommerce website

You will find in this post an overview of all email templates for your convenience.

Here is the list of all default emails sent by your E-commerce website using WooCommerce. Please note that you may also like to setup your Abandoned bag/cart emails which are sent as plain text by default:

  • New Order – Sent to the store admin to notify them of a new order placed on their site.
  • Cancelled Order – Sent to the store admin to notify them of a cancelled order.
  • Failed Order – Sent to the store admin to notify them of a failed order.
  • Order On-Hold – Contains order details after it’s placed on hold.
  • Order Processing Sent after a completed payment; contains order details.
  • Customer Note Sent when a customer note is added in the dashboard.
  • Password Reset – Sent to a customer after they request to reset their password.
  • New Account Sent to the customer when they create a customer account.
  • Order Completed Sent to customers when their orders are marked completed; indicates that the order has been shipped.
  • Order Refunded Sent to customers when an order is refunded.
  • Customer Invoice – Sent to customers; contains order information and payment links.

Emails sent to the customer

These emails’ content should be customised for your store/shop. You can easily edit all paragraphs and titles. Some elements such as the invoice details could also be edited with custom code.

Remember to customise the design as well, at least using the Email Settings provided by WooCommerce. Add your logo, custom colours, sender email & name and footer text. These can all be edited under WooCommerce > Settings > Email TAB

Emails sent to the administrator of the website

These emails’ content don’t have to be customised as they are only seen by the owner(s)

woocommerce admin email - new order
woocommerce admin email - order cancelled
woocommerce admin email - order failed

Download all email previews

Feel free to download our PDF document containing all WooCommerce transactional email.

External links for more information

WooCommerce documentation on how to customise these emails:

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