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Custom website design & development

Get a website with no compromise, on-brand, optimised and rich in features.

The process of creating a brand new custom website with no restrictions

Here is an overview of the steps involved in planning, creating and developing a unique website specifically for your company, Brand, Ecommerce or any type of site.

Project requirement

  • Brand introduction, values, style guide, logos etc (if available)
  • Media assets
  • Content structure (list of main pages)
  • Content (either from a previous website or in Word Document)
  • Goals of the website
  • Requirement regarding any design language/style change of direction
  • Feature list
Web development project requirement
Proposed solution

Proposed solution

  • A quotation explaining our solution in details is sent to you and discussed so that any potential amend can be made based on budget, timelines, available resources etc.
  • Once the quotation is approved, the project can start


  • Now that we all know the project requirement (brand, goals, new direction, content, etc.), the design phase can start
  • Depending on your quotation and agreed solution, the appropriate design process is used
  • Once the homepage, navigation and Header/Footer are signed-off, the remaining page templates are designed following the same process
  • The development of the website usually starts around mid-way through the design phase in order to handle all setup and features which are not impacted by the design
Web design phase
Web development phase

Web development

  • Server and overall setup
  • Development starts on a local environment
  • Once the main page is set, a link to a development server accessible online is sent so that the work in progress can be seen in real time
  • Once completed, the optimisation and testing is done before signing everything off and going live

Post Launch

  • Your website is now launched and technically maintained by its co-creators
  • If and when needed, server upgrades will be recommended and handled
  • We are here to help with any struggle using the CMS, having difficulties with uploading any new content, integrating new third parties, etc. We are talking about getting actual help from people who know you and your website and genuinely care for its success
  • Future design & development work available within a few clicks from your dashboard
  • Our post launch support and maintenance is pro-active unlike any other major platform out there.

Our post launch service is a full digital agency service

Wordpress post launch service

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