WordPress website maintenance and support

WordPress is very flexible but once you start adding themes, plugins and custom code without deep technical knowledge, things can get tricky and very messy resulting in poor performance and security. Also, with so many options out there, it can be difficult to pick the right one and keep your site optimised enough to allow for a good user experience and search result optimisation.

You can now benefit from our experience removing the need for guesswork.
Update testing, assistance with the CMS, feature development, advice, anything to help you manage your website.

Update your website safely

Automated plugin updates for safe plugins.

In case of any doubt updating particular plugins, updates can be done on a testing website first (available on specific plans).

Your website is backed up daily so there is no worries if a plugin update goes wrong.
CMS updates.

Bug fixes

New bugs can be fixed as part of your maintenance plan.

Get assistance with CMS related struggles. Don’t know how to do something? Ask and we will guide you.

Increased security

Depending on your plan, get security plugin setup.

Fight bots (password guessing, unwanted crawlers etc.).

Firewall rules.

Secure credentials

A ton of benefits

Quick & Easy

  • Connect your website to your dashboard and subscribe to a maintenance plan
  • Pay online using your credit card or via bank transfer
  • Provide access to your CMS for swift and easy deployment of fixes

Website dashboard
Website maintenance - peace of mind

Peace of mind

Subscribe to a maintenance plan and start maximising your website

  • Your website went down? We investigate WordPress issues and fix them
  • Don’t know how to do something? Ask and get assistance
  • Need help with a third party (Search console, tracking code)? Get it set up
  • A feature stopped working? Have us investigate
  • Your site is getting slower? Don’t know how to optimise images? Whatever the struggle, ask us anything. We will either provide guidance, implement a fix or quote for a job that is out of scope

Better security

  • Get help with security reports
  • Automated and manual protection against attacks
  • Assistance with security best practices
  • A ton of security features unlocked when subscribing to our hosting service
Better security with maintenance

Website support and maintenance

A new, professional team available for you when you need it.

These prices only apply to updated, stable WordPress websites and any website created on our platform. Please contact us for websites requiring major fixes and upgrades or if your site was developed by a third party with advanced customisation and a large number of plugins.

Pay as you go

Purchase credits to be used for everything, support, assistance, bug fix, integration, any design or development work, updates and more

Credits can be used for all services offered in the maintenance plans although the plans offer those services with a significant discount on our hourly rate


Company / informational websites

  • We provide support to guide you when you are stuck
  • CMS support
  • General assistance with your website
  • Support provided via email
  • Get a quote and pay for any work to be done directly on your website for you

Dedicated resources included:
Under 1 hour / Pay as needed

HKD 380


Company / multilingual website

  • Get expert assistance and maintenance
  • Advanced security
  • Minor Website design amend possible (CSS)
  • Website settings amends possible
  • Speed optimization plugin setup & updates (*1)
  • Emergency support
  • Code related issues debugged
  • DNS management (*1)
  • 301 redirects setup (*1)
  • Business email setup assistance
  • Testing handled on a staging website before deployment

Dedicated resources included:
Up to 2 hours/month

HKD 780


Ecommerce / any website type – All safe plugins updates

  • Dedicated resources to maintain and fix your website over time
  • We update your plugins and revert back if new issues are found
  • Advanced speed optimization
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Make minor changes
  • Website code amend (layout, UI, CSS, etc)
  • Monthly reports
  • Fast response time
  • Live chat access
  • All WordPress updates
  • Hack – Site recovery

Dedicated resources included:
Up to 4 hours/month

HKD 2,000

Pro +

Any website type with high traffic or revenue – Advanced plugin update with fix

  • Dedicated resources to fully maintain and improve your website over time
  • We update all of your plugins and fix new potential issues
  • Regular onsite SEO
  • Advanced, manual speed optimization
  • Website content amend and upload
  • Custom design and code amend (layout, UI, etc)
  • Third party Integration (custom analytics, ads, checkout, etc.)
  • Direct contact for Hong Kong customers (phone call / instant messaging)
  • Highest priority support

Dedicated resources included:
Up to 8 hours/month

HKD 4,500

Do you need to keep using your current server? Is your website a complex custom site? Do you need more resources for content upload? Please contact us for Custom Maintenance plans.

Dedicated resources are used for any of the listed services. e.g. if 2 hours were spent on support on the Pro plan, another 2 hours can also be spent on optimisation.
For Project-based requests, e.g. Page load time optimisation. Please see our suggested packages or contact us.
Please note that depending on each website, the full amount of allocated time may be required to handle maintenance tasks only, especially for outdated websites and websites built with page builders and using several plugins. If your website requires major fixes in many areas, these should be quoted and charged separately. Read more.
We offer digital agency services. Any change that you need to make on your website can also be done on a project basis by purchasing credits.
*1 – When subscribed to one of our hosting plan