WordPress migration

It’s never been easier to change hosting for your WordPress website.

Provide access to your WordPress website in your dashboard. No worries, credentials will be kept safe and encrypted.

We will handle everything else.

Wordpress migration service

How does it work?

Add/link your site to the dashboard

Choose a hosting and support plan.
Provide an administrator’s login details and DNS access into the encrypted form.

Get notified once your website is fully migrated and your domain is pointing to your new server.

Secure credentials
Easily convert website to WordPress

Or convert your website into WordPress

Do you have a website that needs refreshing? Perhaps, you need to be able to easily edit all content? Whatever the reason for changing your CMS, we can help.

Submit a website conversion request from your dashboard, get a quote and launch it in a few days. Freedom!

Don’t know what to do? Request a 30-minute consultation

We will advise you on what’s best for you so you can get started in no time. The cost will be converted back to free credits if you subscribe to us within 30 days.

Website creation consultation call