WordPress website hosting & fully managed server maintenance backed by experts

Migrate or create your website on our servers and never worry or spend time managing it – we will monitor your website making sure that all is running well. In case of a hosting incident, you won’t need to lift a finger! We will handle everything with no input needed from you; and if you need anything done on the server, simply send a request in plain English to get it done. No technical skills are required from you.

On top of that, we will upgrade your website with professional software/plugin installation and setup based on your website at no additional cost. We will select the best tools for your website but of course, you can make your own selection if you wish to.

Why choose us?

No fuss website migration – we make this very easy

Provide us with access to your site and we will migrate it. It usually takes under 24 hours.

You don’t need to do anything at all on your server. Your website will run at all times but if you do want something done, simply ask in plain English.

More than just website hosting – we offer a lot more

Depending on your hosting plan, receive thousands of dollars worth of selected professional plugins that allows you to add many features to your website. Likely, all you will ever need.

No more wasted time searching and testing plugins.

Bye-bye bloated website, you won’t be missed!

A ton of benefits

Quick & Easy

  • Get notified if your server hardware needs an upgrade i.e. if your visitors growth requires it
  • Active monitoring. Your website was down? It’s now fixed. No need to contact us. With a maintenance plan, we also investigate and fix issues related to WordPress
  • Manage any request from your dashboard using plain english. Nothing to learn
  • Use plain English to make DNS changes

Your website has been upgraded

Most, if not all you need is included with the right hosting plan. No need for sub-par, potentially expensive and unsafe plugins any more.

  • Professional software installed on your website at no additional cost (save thousands of dollars)
  • With your hosting plan, a selection of plugins will be installed and setup on your website
  • Optional login protection by IP address
  • Security plugin
  • Marketing plugins (newsletter, web forms, pop-ups etc.)
  • And a lot more…

Your website is now optimized

  • Automated or custom page load time optimization with our maintenance plans

On new website created on our platform, you get:

  • Use of the latest block editor for easy, fast and intuitive content creation plus management (it’s awesome!)
  • Our templates are well optimized for page load time and SEO
  • Custom websites designed & developed specifically for you are SEO friendly and very well optimized for page load time
  • 301 URL redirect setup for migrated websites with maintenance plans

Listed benefits available on relevant plans. Maintenance plans can be seen here.

Fully managed WordPress hosting

A stress-free, solid hosting plan for your website. We manage your server so you don’t need to deal with customer service from hosting companies anymore.


Ideal for Company / informational websites with basic functionalities and low traffic

  • Security hardening
  • Pro security plugin setup
  • Hosting support
  • daily backups
  • Ideal for about 100 visit per day
  • 1 vCPU
  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • 1GB Dedicated RAM
  • 1TB Bandwidth

HKD 300


Medium-sized Company / informational websites / Ecommerce / multilangual / page builders (e.g. Elementor)

  • Pro Speed plugins setup
  • Staging website available
  • Ideal for about 500 visit per day
  • 2 vCPUs
  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • 2GB Dedicated RAM
  • 2TB Bandwidth

HKD 450


Complex, high traffic websites / WordPress multisite setup

  • All Pro plugins available
  • Multiple backup locations
  • Ideal for about 2,000 visit per day
  • 4 vCPUs
  • 60GB SSD Storage
  • 8GB Dedicated RAM
  • 10TB Bandwidth

HKD 750


Large websites with high traffic / WordPress multisite setup

  • VPN restricted access to CMS available
  • Highest Priority support
  • Instant messaging (EU / Asia)
  • Ideal for about 5,000 visit per day
  • 6 vCPUs
  • 155GB SSD Storage
  • 16GB Dedicated RAM
  • 20TB Bandwidth

HKD 1,300

Available with all WordPress hosting plans

Free Migration

We will migrate your website. You don’t need to do anything and it’s usually completed within a few hours

Staging site available

Future development and other tasks needing testing can be done here

Self-Healing Architecture

Automated monitoring to restart or rebuild server resources.

10 Data Centers

Choose from US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, India, and Singapore

Daily Backups

Automate incremental backups with nearly instant restores

Object Cache

Stores database queries so that the data can be delivered faster from the cache

Web Application Firewall

Stop malicious traffic before it reaches your site with our hosted WAF

And more…

File scanning, firewall, Dedicated IP, SFTP / SSH access, Free SSL Certificates

Don’t know what to do? Request a 30-minute consultation

We will advise you on what’s best for you so you can get started in no time. The cost will be converted back to free credits if you subscribe to us within 30 days.

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