Website launch checklist

Here is a list of things to check before launching a website

If you are planning on creating your website, use this list to make sure that the most important tasks are completed. If you are starting from a template and decide to create your website on your own, feel free to keep track of what you couldn’t do and make a request from your dashboard to let us handle it for you

  • Page load time optimisation
    • Images are compressed
    • CDN installed
    • Scripts compressed, loaded from the right places
    • Scripts merged when applicable
    • Script loaded the right way and at the right time
    • CSS compressed
    • CSS merged when applicable
    • Only use inline scripts and CSS when and where necessary
    • Setup periodic Speed checks
  • SEO
    • Set and test your URL redirection rules if the new website replaces an older one
    • Make sure that all header tags are properly set
    • Meta tags default rules in place
    • Set your schema data | Information regarding structured data
    • Image ALTernative text uploaded | More information regarding ALT text in WordPress
    • OG tag (Open Graph markup) | More information
    • Custom meta tags uploaded
    • Check all content tags on all web pages
    • Setup search consoles
    • Setup periodic SEO checks
    • Verify the website’s content structure (URLs, categories, etc)
    • Remove selected pages from the index / sitemap file
    • Check and submit your sitemap to search engines
    • Add your nofollow links
    • Add breadcrumb if necessary and use the correct tags more info
    • Make sure that Canonical URLs are set for multilingual websites
  • Marketing
  • Clean up
    • Remove any test content
    • Check that all third party integrations use the live credentials
  • Testing
    • Usability testing
    • Web browser testing
    • Fix any broken links
    • Test all web forms and automated emails
    • Check stock, pricing, account, delivery, checkout for Ecommerce website
    • Setup all monitoring tools

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